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Help and Privacy

Help and Privacy in our department, our website and comprehensive information about the content on our website Click on the titles below to find out.
  • How to listen to music?
  • - Whether you want by doing a search by clicking on the pre-rested can listen to music.
  • How do I create a list?
  • - As a member, you can create a list from your profile page!
  • How do I add music to my list?
  • - Add to the list of Music-lined sections or wherever you see the icon while listening to a piece of music by pressing the right mouse button playera can add to the list!
  • Create lists, I can see someone else?
  • - Just check your publications and publications that offer lists of other users and visitors to the area opens.
  • I created the list of social networking sites can share?
  • - Yes, both you and the other to a list published these lists everyone can share in the social networking site.
  • Can I download music I listen to my computer?
  • - No! You can only listen to our site!
  • There are many pieces of music on our site?
  • - Unlimited can say!
  • We Like a music sharing on social networking sites, can we?
  • - Yes! Listening to the music by clicking on the appropriate button you can share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • What should we do when we have a problem with the site?
  • - Contact Us You can contact us section.

About Contents

All musics, legally prescribed is taken from the site with Youtube API service.

Our site does not host any music on site.

Music download

All music on our site are for presentation.

You have to delete the songs you download from this website in 24 hours !


Create as many playlists as you want, you can share with your social media.

Create a list, listen to anywhere! moreover all these operations are completely free!

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